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Alfarabi’s Book of Letters (Kitab Al-Huruf), Commentary On Aristotles Metaphysics, Arabic text, Edited With Introduction And Notes By Muhsin Mahdi.

Author : Mahdi, Muhsin (Editor)

252 pp; of Arabic text + X V introduction in English, hard back binding in dw, notes, index, Premiere Serie: Pensee Arabe Et Islamic, Dar El-Machreq. The theme of Kitab Al-huruf of Al-Farabi is the examination of "in how many ways" a thing is said to be. Although Al-Farabi takes Aristotle’s Metaphysics as his guide and model, he neither adheres to its traditional arrangement nor follows any of his traditional methods of commentary. The text of Al-Farabi is edited and introduced here for the first time by a leading scholar in the field of Islamic philosophy.

City: Beirut

Edition: 0


weight: 1000 g

dimensions: 24*17

ID: 19367 - 24610

Reference ID: 20084

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