An American Nurse Amidst Chaos.

Author: Mouro, Gladys


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xv, 216 pp. of English text, cloth in d/w., b/w photographs, copy new in mint condition. ​​Eighteen-year-old Gladys Mouro left her home in New Hampshire for the American University of Beirut, where she soon became a first-rate registered nurse. But in her pursuit of adventure, Lebanon gave her more than she had ever bargained for. Less than a year after her arrival, Lebanon's civil conflict erupted and swept her into fifteen years of dealing with the tragic human consequences of war in an understaffed and unprotected hospital. This book is a personal record of living and working in a war-torn land; it is also a story of the noble survival of an institution – the American University of Beirut Medical Center and the courageous people who, against all odds, kept it alive and functioning throughout the war.

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