Damascus A Photographic Journey 1840-1918.

Author: El-Hage, Badr

Kutub Publishing





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4to, 263 pp. 1 large folding plan, 289 b/w photographs & illustration including two large folding panoramas, publisher's original wrappers, biblio., index, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, first English edition, 2019. Damascus was and still the them of many historians, travelers, poets, archaeologists, and scholars in different field. I do think that 19th century photography of the city is still one of the subject that needs more research and documentation. This book is divided into three chapters and a selection of photographs. The first is a brief introductory description of the history and topography of Damascus, and its major sites, markets, buildings, public baths, etc. The second is a chronological and biographical survey of the photographers of the city. The third and final chapter is entitled "Orientalist Photography"; it is a critical essay discussing the European political background and commercial interest that drove many photographers to travel to Syria or to establish studios there for business reason." (Introduction).

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