La Syrie. Costumes, Voyages, Paysages. Galerie Universelle des Peuples.

Author: Lallemand, Charles.

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[3, introduction by Badr El-Hage], 68 pp., 19 b/w photographs by Ludvicio Wolfang Hart including a vignette on title page, half-title, title printed in red & black, hard back binding, a reprint of 1865, limited edition of 500 copies, of which this copy is numbered 64., copy new in mint condition. This is the second French edition of “Syria” (La Syrie) book, a rare book published in 1865 by the French journalist and publisher “Charles Lallemand (1826-1926)” in a limited first edition of 60 copies as part of a project entitled “The Universal Gallery of Peoples”. This book is the first of its kind in the 19th century to document the Syrian national costumes by photography.

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