Letters From Khalil Gibran to Gertrude Barry [Majhulat Gibran]

مجهولة جبران، حب ورسائل خليل جبران وجرترود باري
Author: Mujais, Salim
سليم مجاعص

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155 pp. of Arabic text + 35 pp. of English text, Paperback Binding, index, Biblio, b/w photographs, facsimile pages from original letters, Copy in mint Condition. New. Kutub, Beirut, First edition, 2013, ISBN: 9789953554273. Majhoulat Gibran (Gibran's Anonym) is a comprehensive and documented study into the amouros life of Gibran Khalil Gibran. The book delves into the love affair he had with the pianist Gertrude Barry and which was slammed by many as "Secret and Sexual" in order to misconstruct the romance and stamp it with false interpretations thus exposing the physical façade of the spiritual author. The letters Gibran Sent to Gertrude, and those she sent to Salim Sarkis are unveiled in the book in a manner elucidating the birth, evolution and transformation of their relation. Thus the readers are introduced to pivotal elements of Gertrude Barry's psycology and influence in shaping Gibran's view on life and relations between men and women.

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