Dejeuner d’ un Arabe. Masterpieces From Sevres 1838.

Author: Sevres Factory.


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7 pp.; colour frontispiece + 21 colour plates hors text + 2 drawings, biblio. PAPER BACK Binding, as published. Copy in mint condition. New. A detailed description of a unique and rare set produced by Sevres factory in 1838 and entitled " Dejeuner d'un Arabe". The set is composed of ten pieces and one tray, all painted by Jean-Charles Develly and gilded by the leading gilder of the day, Antoine-Gabriel Boullemier. The work on the set was finished in 1838. It was exhibited in the Salon du Louvre in 1840 and was sold in 1841.The care devoted to its preperation by Develly is evident from the number of preparatory sketches that are still preserved in the archives of the factory. This set was the last of a series produced by artists from the Romantic movement in France in Sevres factory.

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